7 Surprising Facts about Your Baby’s Skin

Skin CareSep 15, 2020

Babies are very sensitive, so is their outer visible layer (organ) skin. Babies have the smoothest skin and as the skin is thinner than the normal skin, the baby is more open to bacteria. Also, the skin feels irritating due to its fragility. To avoid this, it is recommended to bathe babies with baby-friendly products and moisturize their skin properly. It is very important to take care of your babies’ largest organ – the epidermis. There are many facts about babies' skin as it is different and sensitive than adults. As the child grows, the texture of the skin keeps changing with time. So here are some facts about your babies’ skin:

  • Some babies do not have soft skin: Comparing to other babies, not every baby has soft skin because the child may have born prematurely. So, there are some hairs all over the baby's body and vernix also which protects the babies from amniotic fluid and gets wash away after some days of birth.
  • Skin can look reddish-purplish: During the initial days of birth, the baby’s skin might look reddish-purplish which gets normal on its own in some days or weeks with the circulation of blood till the circulation system develops properly. There can be some yellow tinge on the skin which happens to be jaundice that should be taken care of.
  • Babies do not need a daily bath: As babies’ skin is very sensitive, it does not require daily wash with water as it can lead to dryness, and babies can have a chance of feeling itching or irritation. Unless babies get dirt on their bodies, they should be avoided for a daily bath.
  • Sponge Bath and Oil Massage are good choices: Sponge bath can be used which will protect babies’ skin from getting drier and oil massage can help in the nourishment of the baby’s skin.
  • Avoid taking babies at hot places: As the baby's skin is very sensitive, it is prone to get skin burns if taken in the sun which can cause the darkening of skin cells. Babies should be avoided getting exposure in the sunlight directly.
  • Skin takes time to settle down: Your baby's skin will get smooth, buttery within 6 months as it takes time to settle down because the circulation system is developing and the baby's body undergoes many changes after he/she is born.
  • Babies do get acne and rashes: Yes! babies do have problems regarding skin according to their sensitivity issues. Acne, rashes, blemishes happen because of maternal hormones and not because of the misconception that people have like puberty reason. Maternal hormones get inside the baby’s body while removing the placenta which further gets drained out on its own after some days of birth.
  • Less able to regulate temperature: Babies have a neutral pH level in the initial days of birth and then it keeps changing as the child grows. The pH level has more chance of changing to acidic. Babies are not used to maintaining their body temperature as they do not sweat much because they have fewer sweat glands. They cannot cool down their body temperature. So babies should be kept in a place with normal temperature and they should be properly covered when stepping out of the house to protect from UV rays.

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