How to take care of Long Hair

Fitness June 18, 2020

From different statistics, it has been found out that long hairs are more prone to tangles than the shorter ones. To maintain long hairs, a definite care routine must be followed, which involves several types of grooming every day. If your hair is colored or fine, then you must follow certain steps and routines to avoid wear and tear. Long hairs often get tangled with the scarf, which results in tears from the scalps. Here are some of the crucial hair care routines that you must abide by.

Periodical trims:

A periodical trim is needed for those who have long hairs. In the case of long hairs, the hair ends split, which is known as split ends. By periodical trims, you are forbidding the split ends and thus the hair grows longer. It is also recommended to avoid exposing the hair to extreme heats, as it deteriorates the smoothness. If you are working out, try to tie up the hair or else it will tear from the scalp gradually.

Comb your hair carefully:

Longer hairs often get tangled, and thus it is important to de-tangle it regularly. Before going to sleep or work, and also after getting up from bed, take time to de-tangle it properly. Start with the locks and then the entire portion smoothly to avoid any damages. You must remember that wet hair is very prone to wear and tear, and thus dry it up gently with the towel and blow dryers. Use long combs with wide teeth to avoid and harsh pull.

Do not use shampoo often:

It is seen that using shampoos often for washing longer hair makes it thinner. Fine and thinner hair tangles easily, which is needed to be combed. If you are washing your hair, try to use natural oils that make the hair follicles and the scalps strong and firm. Instead of only applying shampoo in hair, you must massage the scalp. It is because the dirt and the sweat gather there.


Conditioners are the most very essential each time after a bath. Applying shampoo and taking a bath makes the hair fine and removes all the oil. The conditioner helps to smoothen the hair and forbidding it to tangle more often. It also helps to repair the damaged hair, makes the flyaways, and the frizz smooth.

As the conditioners provide the oil to the hair, keep in mind not to apply it to the hair roots. When conditioners are applied to the hair roots, it tends to bring dandruff.

Right product:

It is important to use the perfect and legit product for your hair. It is seen that product depends from person to person, and thus buy the product according to the characteristics of the hair. If you maintain the following steps and hair care routine, it will be easy to maintain longer hairs. It is also recommended to have a weekly treatment to avoid any kind of uncertainness.

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