Your Cardio Time and How You Manage It

Fitness March 15, 2019

Cardio exercise has numerous benefits on your body. Basically cardio exercises are the exercises that increase your heart rate requiring more oxygen to your body. This type of exercises is known as aerobic exercise.

In order to keep your heart strong and ensure that your body is getting ample oxygen supply, it is necessary that you do cardio exercise at any time of day. Before you begin your first cardio session it is essential for you to know why cardio is imperative to your heart.

Cardio makes your heart muscles to grow stronger and enlarged it due to the exercise which makes it pump blood more efficiently to the body. Thus it gives release to your resting heart which does not need to work as hard to pump blood to the body.

  • Cardio exercise gives power to the muscles required during breathing throughout the body
  • The effective cardio session will help you to lose your weight by burning extra calories
  • Cardio helps in improving blood circulation
  • It enhances the red blood cells count in the body which is necessary for the transporting oxygen to various tissues in our body
  • It minimizes the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes

How to manage time for cardio sessions

Now that you have understood the various benefits of cardio, it is important for you to know about the time for which the cardio session will last.

For getting minimum benefit from cardio exercise, it is necessary that you last for at least 10 minutes. But if you exercise for longer then it will burn up more calories and thus you will grow more endurance over the passage of time.

If you are not habituated with this exercise then make sure that you do not tempt yourself to exercises for a longer time as this might cause injury to your body. It is advisable that you increase the time of your exercise slowly and reach at least 30 minutes with your cardio session. The longer you can carry on with cardio session the more benefit you will get.

Type of cardio activity

Well, there are a lot of types of physical activity which can be categorized from moderate intensity to vigorous intensity. But if you are doing any type of physical activity for at least 5 times a week then you will notice that your heart rate goes up.

Being a beginner, it would be a good idea to stay with moderate intensity cardio workouts. Some of the moderate intensity workouts are water aerobics, tennis, ballroom dancing, mopping that you could try every day to keep your heartbeat up to the mark.

Owing to the fact that practice makes a man perfect, you can surely move on to vigorous intensity workout after you are a master of this moderate intensity workout. Vigorous intensity workouts like jogging, running, stairs climbing, tennis, jumping rope can surely make you much fitter and boost up your endurance than any other exercises. Rewind Fitness is one of the well known fitness centre that can help you with cardio workout and help you to lead a healthy life.

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